I am very qualified to trim and shoe for most any discipline of horse. I have lots of ex-perience with barrel & rope horses, penners & sorters, pleasure horses, Arabian show horses, trail horses & more. I carry everything needed for the job & can do anything from trims to handmade corrective shoes.

I will work with your vet as needed & have a lot of experience working with vets on lameness issues. I am furthering my education all the time and am working with other well qualified farriers to keep up on everything available. As a member of the MFA and AFA I am able to keep up on clinics, seminars & studies.

Do your horses feet look like this? A balanced trim, healthy hoof wall & white line. Even solid heels, no cracks, hoof angles that line up right with the horses pastern & shoes properly fit, full in the quarters with room for the proper 6 week growth & plenty of heel support. Well placed nails & tight, neat clinches. A level coronet band & matching toe lengths.

I am taking new customers and I welcome back
customers that I have not seen in a while.

I am offering schedules to insure regular visits & better service.

We can develop a schedule that best fits your horses needs.

I can make long distance visits depending on the
number of horses to work on in your area.

Call me to set up your next appointment for your horses.

In my 14 years of shoeing horses I have worked on a lot of extreme equine athletes from barrel racing horses that need to stay shod right for any ground conditions & stay sound under the great stress of their given job. World champion Arabian halter horses that require a great deal of precision with toe weighted shoes & extra pads that must be inspected & measured by judges prior to showing. I hand make some really nice corrective shoes, I can keep the reiners sliding straight. I do mules going to the mountains that need ice & rock shoes for the extreme conditions they ride in. I have trimmed founderd ponys that could barely walk & restored them to being usable again I have kept navicular horses sound for riding, resected hoof wall, rebuilt hoof wall with acrylic, eliminated bad cracks & have had many other great success.
Coming from North Branch:
35 to North Branch exit (95).
Take a left off the Exit (heading west) to Cty Rd 5. Turn Left onto Cty Rd 5. Go 4 miles,
house on the right hand side of the road.

Coming from Isanti:
Hwy 65 turn right on Cty Rd 5 go 8 miles,
house on left hand side of the road.

Pete & Jill Houck, Owners
7651 Cty Rd 5 NE
North Branch MN 55056
Pete Cell (612) 810-5455
Jill Cell (612) 670-4055
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